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cell phone tracking

Cell phone tracking is a popular request for internet investigation services and as real-world private investigation assignments. There are many technologies available to track the use of a cell phone. However, these technologies are often limited in application by the law or may rely on intimate access to the particular phone in question.

This essay examines methods of tracing cell phone use anywhere in the world and tracking the location of the person who is carrying the phone.

Reasons for Mobile Phone Tracking

People cite a wide range of possible reasons for wanting to track a mobile phone geographically or by call data. Vehicle tracking and personal surveillance are much far easier if an investigator can have a clear idea where a person’s cell phone is on a map. Virtually all modern mobile phones have the capacity to become GPS transmitters, so following a person’s movements can be easier than ever. GPS tracking is also important for finding missing persons. GPS and phone record tracking are vital parts of infidelity investigations, as well. There are innumerable reasons for an investigator to want to use GPS technology to trace the physical location of a known mobile phone.

Personal tracking using a mobile phone is valuable for insurance investigations and workers compensation investigations, in which the subject may be working, despite reporting total disability.

Cell Phone Tracking Equipment

Most methods of tracking a cell phone do not require any specialized equipment, other than a computer and an internet-ready phone. The target's phone does all the work, but typically has to be set up directly to act as a transmitter. This can be a big problem, legally and logistically, if access to their phone is off limits. The best scenarios occur when the cell phone in question may belong to a partner or family member who volunteers to use the phone to track the target legally.

Once a phone is enabled as a transmitter, following the signal is super simple. While there have been specialized private investigation software programs available for GPS tracking for many years, now there are programs which let anyone become a skilled cell phone tracker for free. Many internet companies offer these services in conjunction with their mapping software.

Cell Phone Tracking Legalities

There are many laws protecting people's rights to privacy and violating any of these, using an electronic device, such as a GPS tracking system, may be a crime in some areas. Make sure to fully understand your rights and restrictions when using GPS technology to track a mobile phone. You do not want to risk criminal charges simply to find out where someone is going or who they are calling. That being said, there are many legal methods of setting up a cell phone as an effective tracking device.

To learn more about performing accurate and effective surveillance on a person, including where they might be at any particular time, speak to a qualified professional investigator for more information about mobile phone tracking or tracing.

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