Private Investigation Equipment

Private Investigation Equipment

Private investigation equipment encompasses many interesting and useful devices used in the detective arts. Many people are fascinated with the variety of spy tools used by professional investigators and the media has certainly increased public interest in private detectives and their ultra-cool gear. However, it is wise to leave espionage up to licensed professionals, since many devices and applications are strictly limited or regulated under government law and can land an amateur investigator in a world of trouble.

This resource section contains information on detective equipment and its many applications.

Uses for Private Investigation Equipment

Private investigators must rely on their cunning, knowledge, experience and training to help them in their intelligence-gathering assignments. Every case is different, but it is typically up to the investigator to out-think and out-maneuver his subject, in order to discover the information required to solve the case. PI gear can be a real asset when investigators require a bit more of an edge in difficult assignments.

Investigators know the letter of the law in dealing with privacy laws and the ability to use technology to gather information. They will be sure to use only legal and ethical modalities to gather information to solve your case, so as to not jeopardize the legality or admissibility of any crucial evidence. 

Types of Private Investigation Equipment

There are many types of general and specific private detective devices used throughout the investigation industry. The most common investigation gear includes the following specialty items:

Private investigation books can be used for initial training, continuing education or simply for the enjoyment of reading.

Hidden safes are crucial components of home and business security systems.

Telephone recorders are valuable for documenting conversations held over the phone.

Private investigator software can help detectives to accomplish many tasks, from running their businesses to finding information about case subjects.

Night vision equipment provides excellent visibility in low light environments.

Private investigator badges may or may not be regulated in a particular area. Always be sure to understand the laws regarding carrying an investigator shield to avoid problems with the police.

Home security systems provide peace of mind to clients who live in residential properties.  There are many types of home security equipment available from investigation firms and residential security contractors.

Surveillance equipment can assist in gathering covert evidence during case work.

Hidden video cameras can be placed in virtually any location to document activity for surveillance operations.

Eavesdropping equipment can provide clear sound for monitoring or recording audible activity, such as conversations.

Listening devices help investigators hear what is going on around them in special circumstances, such as through walls or over long distances.

Of course, we recommend certain foundation items for every type of private investigator. Our personal must-haves are detailed on our page describing useful spy gear items.

Learn more about putting together an effective security system using the best security equipment for the job.

Purchasing Private Investigation Equipment

Buying private eye equipment is easier and less expensive than ever before. This industry used to be dominated by hokey fake spy stores and mail order companies, while a few quality retailers generally only sold to the trade. With the advent of online shopping, we have seen a huge influx of businesses into the private investigator tools market. Best of all, many electronics manufacturers sell factory-direct, making once costly surveillance items affordable for any investigation agency; large or small.

Make sure to shop around to find the best bargains and always invest in quality and versatile equipment which will hold up to the uses and abuses of the real world. Remember, in the field, there is nothing worse than being let down by a broken piece of gear.

For more information about purchasing private detective equipment, contact a qualified licensed private investigator or private detective association near you.

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